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  • The Battlestar Galactica models show the fascinating evolution of the Cylon race from the early Toaster to the sophisticated humanoid form. Rounding out the set of six, you'll find a Serge, a U87 battle robot, and two kind of Cylon Centurions. These Battlestar Galactica Cylon models are durable collectibles made from heavyweight polyresin.

    The set of Battlestar Galactica models depicts the complete evolution of the Cylon race, starting with the simple Toaster through the early prototypes and up to the advanced humanoid models.
    Toaster - In the Battlestar series, humans often refer to Cylons as "toasters," due to the resemblance of the Cylon centurions from the first Human/Cylon war to "walking chrome toasters. The Toaster model is approximately 2 1/4".
    Serge - In the Caprica series, Serge was used in battle simulations at the Graystone Industries campus in Caprica City. The Serge model in these Battlestar Galactica Cylon models is approximately 5 1/4".
    U87 - The battle robot was created by Daniel Graystone and his team of scientists at Graystone Industries in Caprica City. The U-87 was intended to serve as a battlefield soldier and designed to be a semi-sentient humanoid form. The U87 in these Cylon models is approximately 6 1/2".
    First Cylon War Centurion - Created and designed by scientists of the Twelve Colonies of Kobol, Model 0005 were created by Graystone Industries to be the soldiers of the Caprican Ministry of Defense. Fifty-two years before the Fall of the Twelve Colonies, the Centurions rose up against their masters and rebelled, waging a war that lasted twelve years. The First Cylon War Centurion is approximately 6 3/4".
    Cylon Centurion - Sentient by design, these fully armored Centurions acted as guards and soldiers. An implant prevents them from exercising full self-awareness and precludes them from harming any of the humanoid Cylons, except by explicit order. The Centurion in these Battlestar Galactica models is approximately 8".
    Number 6 - The highly driven Cylon is the most unique of the humanoid models. Typically ruthless & seductive, she is viewed as a hero within the Cylon civilization for her success in her mission to compromise the colonies' defenses. The Number 6 model is approximately 7".

    Buy these must-have Battlestar Galactica models to see the intriguing evolution of Cylons from the primitive Toaster to the advanced humanoid Number 6 form.

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