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After the destruction of the EARTH, the leaders of the Eurasian Dynasty escaped on board an evacuation fleet. Now they are fighting for the survival of the human species. Their base is one large building comprising of smaller variable parts. The Lunar Corporation is already on the red planet and has to fight to find a new base and home after the destruction of the Earth. LC buildings are built one on top of the other, similar to a skyscraper, but with one big difference. They have the ability to defy all the laws of gravity to move quickly to a new location. UCS (United Civilized States) - these machines evolved from the UCS battle machines. During the long flight to Mars, the computer decided to kill all human survivors and then initiated a plan to conquer the Solar system with its own mechanical army. Aliens - alien renegades were imprisoned a long ago, deep in the unknown history of Mars. In 2160 landing UCS ships awoke them from their deanimation....

A whole new dimension will be added to the game by using virtual agents. Agents are freelancers available for hire who help a player during the game. Each agent has different abilities (they can help with research, unit commands, increasing mining efficiency, spying out enemies, stealing technology etc.) Agents can be hired and fired during the game. Hiring agents is done during an auction where different players can make their bids for the agent. This creates an opportunity to economically defeat an opponent by raising the price of the agent he wants to hire. Each agent remembers his old contracts with the player. The History of old contracts has a strong influence on the price of the agent. A player has to take care of his hired agents otherwise they may not want to work for him in the future. Agents also have relationships between each other. They can like, dislike, love or hate other agents. Those relationships also have influence on the price of a contract with an agent.


4 playable parties with different basic technologies and abilities
Each party consists of more than 13 basic buildings and more than 13 basic units
Various enemy races, special units and NPCs
4 single player campaigns, each with 7 missions
Skirmish mode with 10 maps
4 Multiplayer modes with 10 maps
Realistic, formable multiple textured terrain
All cut scenes are displayed by the game engine and rendered in real time
12 virtual agents with special abilities
Multiplayer matches for up to 8 players per match
E2160 World editor as an external program
Per Pixel Shader 1.0, 1.2, 2.0 and 3.0 native support
EarthC (programming language) SDK for Mod teams
Full Unicode support
Rich musical score consists of 29 dynamically varying tracks

Xbox One X 1TB Console - Project Scorpio Edition
Nintendo Switch Pro Controller and Bonus Ematic Nintendo Switch Travel Carrying Case
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