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  • FREE Calling with Your Home Phone Use your existing home phone and your broadband router to make and receive calls over the Internet for free (or at a very low-cost). Why You Will Love the OBi Save Money Use FREE and low-cost VoIP services to lower your phone bills... Maybe to NOTHING! Pay Only for the Device It's Not Locked to a Service! You can add VoIP services to make & receive phone calls to and from regular numbers. In addition, OBi to OBi calls are FREE. Computer Not Required All you need is your existing home phone and broadband router. Fantastic Voice Clarity Talk with your family and friends anywhere in the world, from the comfort of your home telephone. OBi110 Set-UpHow Does the OBi Work? The OBi allows you to make and receive phone calls using your high-speed internet, your regular home phone and a "VoIP" Internet phone service provider like Google Voice, Callcentric or VoIP.ms. No computer is needed. You can also call for FREE from one OBi to another OBi anywhere in the world. In this case, a traditional phone service is never needed to make the connections. Talking becomes truly free. OBi110 Connections Requirements Broadband Internet Connection1.2. Internet Router with Available Ethernet Port Analog/Digital Corded or Cordless Phone3. Land Line Telephone Service (Optional) 4. VoIP Service Provider Account Username & Password (Optional)5. Examples of Service Providers: Google Voice Callcentric VoIP.ms plus Many More! Benefits FREE Calls* to US & Canada Using Google VoiceUnlocked Use with Any VoIP Service Provider Get the Lowest Cost International Calls with Service Providers of Your ChoicePremium Features Voice Mail, Caller ID, Call Forwarding, Call Waiting, 3-Way Calling FREE OBi to OBi Calls Anywhere in the World No Computer Required to Make/Receive CallsOBi Callback Make Calls at Receiving Rate Fantastic Call Quality Use FREE OBiON iPhone & Android Apps from Your Smart PhoneEasy Set-Up 1. Connect the OBi to Your Internet Router 2. Connect Your Home Phone to the OBi 3. Sign-on to www.OBiTALK.com 4. Add Google Voice or Any Other VoIP Service Provider to your OBi Device (Optional) Additional Benefits1-Year Limited Hardware Warranty Live Technical Support via... - Email - OBiTALK Community Forum - PhoneFree Software Updates & Enhancements OBi110 VoIP Phone Adapter FeaturesGoogle Voice Derived Features: - One number for all your calls / phone devices - Call forwarding - Call blocking - Call history - Call billing - detail history - Do Not Disturb - International Calling - Ability to ring multiple phones on incoming calls - Voice mail (Voice mail acts like e-mail) - Voice mail speech to text - Voice mail alerts via e-mail, text-message, indicator on telephone - Custom voice mail greetings - Send and Receive Text Messages - Use the Google Voice web portal to see, listen to and manage voicemail - Call recording - Multi-party conference callingOBi Device Telephony Features: - Message Waiting Indication - Visual and Tone Based - Speed Dialing of 99 OBi Endpoints or Numbers - Three-Party Conference Calling with Local Mixing - Hook Flash Event Signaling - Caller ID - Number - Caller ID - Name - Call Waiting - Call Forward - Unconditional - Call Forward on Busy - Call Forward on No Answer - Do Not Disturb - Call Return - Call Recording (From Device Web UI) - Call History (Last 200 Calls from Device Web UI) - Aggregation and Bridging of Two (2) SIP and/or Google Voice & One (1) OBiTALK Services - Automatic Attendant (AA) for Simplified Call Routing - Call Back Service - Connect to AA to Make a New Call or Ring the Attached PhoneOBiTALK Web Portal Integration: - Configuration and Management of OBi Endpoints - Addition & Configuration of VoIP Service Providers - Including 7-Digit Dialing - Download OBiON Apps for Smart Phones, Internet Tablet Devices & PCs - Creating & Joining Circles of Trust So You Can Share Your OBi's Services with Friends & Family - Setting Up Your OBi Endpoint Speed Dial DirectoryWhich OBi Should I Get? Obihai have two telephone adapters, currently - The OBi100 and the OBi110. The two products function the same except for one feature. The OBi110 has a physical port for an analog line service. This port, labeled LINE on the OBi110, can be thought of as a gateway to a traditional phone service. The service can be from a land line carrier. It can also be from a VoIP service, when the phone port of the service provider's device is plugged into the LINE port of the OBi110. This gateway functionality is useful for a number of reasons. OBi110 LINE Port: - Allows you to keep your current land line service yet take advantage of the OBi device's VoIP services. - Provides for an emergency calling services route when connected to a service supporting the same. - Acts as a gateway and bridge to the PSTN for calls originating on a VoIP service from a remote OBi device or soft phone.The OBi110 & OBi100 Both Have: - One Phone Port: For connection to an analog cordless or corded phone - The OBi Phone Port Can Power All the Phones in Your Home - One Ethernet Port: For connection to an Internet router - Support for up to 2 Commercial VoIP services - Support for SIP - Support for Google Voice - Support for OBiTALK - Message Waiting Indication - Visual and Tone Based - Speed Dialing of 99 OBi Endpoints or Numbers - Three Way Conference Calling with Local Mixing - Hook Flash Event Signaling - Caller ID - Name & Number - Call Waiting - Call Forward - Unconditional - Call Forward on Busy - Call Forward on No Answer - Call Transfer - Anonymous Call - Block Anonymous Call - Do Not Disturb - Call Return - Repeat Dialing - OBiTALK Managed VoIP Network for OBi Endpoint Devices & Applications - High Quality Voice Encoding Using G.711, G.726, G.729 Algorithms * Google previously announced that calls inside the USA and Canada to the USA and Canada will be free through 2012. Calls to the USA and Canada from other countries are 1 cent per minute. Google Voice cannot be used to place or receive emergency services calls. iPhone, iPad and iPod touch are trademarks of Apple Computer, Inc. Android, Gmail and Google Voice are trademarks of Google, Inc. Note: Some listed features are not available from every service provider. Support (technical or warranty) will be provided by the seller from whom you obtain the product.With the OBi110, you are in control of your communications life. From the OBi110's on-board connections to a telephone, your phone line and via the Internet, you have the power to bridge mobile, fixed line and Internet phone services (VoIP). The OBi provides you with an abundance of control and enhanced convenience. OBi can use the web and social networking tools to bring everything and everybody together to speak freely and even for free! When it makes sense, the OBi110 can use the Internet and OBiTALK between OBi users. In this case, a traditional phone service is never needed to make the connections. Talking becomes truly free. You can put the social back into social networking

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