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    Skysurfer Reverb - Official Product Video
    Smorgasbord of Tones - all pedals
    TC Electronic Skysurfer Reverb Effect Pedal
    Skysurfer Reverb is the one-stop solution to all of your basic reverb needs. Whether you want to dive into deep splashy oceans or ride the ambient airwaves above, Skysurfer lets you do it via its three high-quality reverb algorithms, all housed in a sturdy and compact pedal that wonít break the bank.

    No Compromise On Quality
    A lot of budget-friendly reverb pedals simply destroy your core tone when the effect is on. Skysurfer doesnít! Built on a superb studio-quality algorithm, Skysurfer will give you all the lush and transparent reverb sounds you could ever want, without ever compromising your original tone. Finally a reverb pedal thatíll do good things for your wallet and your tone.

    Colors In Space
    Skysurfer sports three versatile reverb algorithms thatíll add just the perfect amount of color and space around your notes. Spring gives you all the drippy, splashy goodness of an old spring reverb tank, great for a full-on Dick Dale surf attack. Whereas Room and Hall will let you take your tone from earthy and organic to interstellar spaceflight.

    Reverb Real Estate
    Weíre musicians just like you, and we know that it can be an uphill battle to fit all the pedals you want on a pedalboard with limited space. Pro tip: a solid game of Tetris every day will make you a pedalboard planning champ. But to make the game a little easier on you, we decided to put top-mounted I/Os in Skysurfer, so cables wonít rob you of any space where it matters the most.

    Backstage Pass Ė All Access
    A sweet trifecta of reverberating tones available in one easy to use pedal. Letís have a look at the ins and outs of Skysurfer Reverb

    Decay For Days
    This determines how long the reverb lasts. Set it low for a quick and sweet splash or max it and hang on to the reverberating moment almost forever.

    Master The Mix
    This controls how loud the reverb is. Set it low for some subtle ambience or crank it for a more obvious and explosive reverb tone.

    Take Me To Tone
    This controls the amount of high frequencies in the reverberated signal. Go counter-clockwise for a dark and dampened reverb tone, or go fully clockwise for a more intense and bright sound.

    Relish In Reverb
    Choose between three high-quality reverb algorithms. Spring, Room or Hall.

    True To You
    Nobody messes with your tone but you. Itís that simple! Hence, Skysurfer sports True Bypass, so when itís off, itís really off and has zero impact on your core tone.

    Studio-quality reverb pedal
    Three versatile reverb modes Ė Spring, Room and Hall
    Compact design and top-mounted I/O

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