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1 Sale A Day (Total:298)
1&1 Internet (Total:3) [Coupons]
1-800-Contacts (Total:3) [Coupons]
1-800-Flowers (Total:4) [Coupons]
1-800-GET-LENS (Total:1) [Coupons]
1-800-PetMeds (Total:4) [Coupons]
123inkjets (Total:1) [Coupons]
24 Hour Fitness (Total:11) [Coupons]
39 Dollar Glasses (Total:1) [Coupons]
3M (Total:3) [Coupons]
4 All Memory (Total:1) [Coupons]
4InkJets (Total:1) [Coupons]
6ave.com (Total:459) [Coupons]
6pm.com (Total:3777) [Coupons]
7 For All Mankind (Total:7) [Coupons]

A&E TV (Total:7)
A&W Root Beer (Total:1) [Coupons]
A. C. Moore [Coupons]
AAFES (Total:6) [Coupons]
Abbey Press (Total:1) [Coupons]
Abe's of Maine (Total:749) [Coupons]
Abercrombie (Total:61) [Coupons]
Abt Electronics (Total:83) [Coupons]
Accessory Geeks (Total:3) [Coupons]
Accstation (Total:3)
Ace Hardware (Total:642) [Coupons]
Acronis (Total:2)
Active Ride Shop (Total:1) [Coupons]
Adidas.com (Total:826) [Coupons]
Adobe (Total:12)
Adorama (Total:5204)
AdoramaPix (Total:1) [Coupons]
Advance Auto Parts (Total:160) [Coupons]
Aeropostale (Total:121) [Coupons]
Aerosoles (Total:2) [Coupons]
Air France (Total:3) [Coupons]
AirTran (Total:21) [Coupons]
AJ Madison (Total:4) [Coupons]
AJWright (Total:2)
Alamo (Total:1) [Coupons]
Alaska Airlines (Total:8) [Coupons]
Albee Baby (Total:49) [Coupons]
ALDO (Total:11) [Coupons]
All-Battery.com (Total:6) [Coupons]
Alloy (Total:2) [Coupons]
AllPosters.com (Total:13) [Coupons]
Altrec.com (Total:69) [Coupons]
Amazon.com (Total:144617) [Coupons]
AMC Theatres (Total:63) [Coupons]
American Airlines (Total:28) [Coupons]
American Airlines Vacations (Total:1) [Coupons]
American Apparel (Total:6) [Coupons]
American Blinds (Total:1) [Coupons]
American Eagle Outfitters (Total:368) [Coupons]
American Express (Total:261) [Coupons]
American Girl (Total:7) [Coupons]
American Greetings (Total:1) [Coupons]
Angie's List (Total:2)
Animal Den (Total:1) [Coupons]
Ann Taylor (Total:31) [Coupons]
Ann Taylor Loft (Total:37) [Coupons]
Anne Klein (Total:1) [Coupons]
Any Mountain (Total:1) [Coupons]
Anytime Costumes (Total:1) [Coupons]
Apple.com (Total:1993)
Applebee's (Total:13) [Coupons]
Aramark Uniform (Total:11) [Coupons]
Arby's (Total:8) [Coupons]
Arizona Jeans (Total:1) [Coupons]
Armani Exchange (Total:19) [Coupons]
Art.com (Total:4) [Coupons]
ArtsCow (Total:24) [Coupons]
Ashford (Total:1322) [Coupons]
At His Best (Total:1)
AT&T (Total:332) [Coupons]
Athleta (Total:10)
Auntie Anne's (Total:5) [Coupons]
Auto Parts Warehouse (Total:1) [Coupons]
AutoAnything (Total:4) [Coupons]
AutoZone (Total:48) [Coupons]
Aveda (Total:2) [Coupons]
Avenue.com (Total:2) [Coupons]
Avis Rent A Car (Total:6) [Coupons]
Avon (Total:31) [Coupons]

BabiesRUs (Total:17) [Coupons]
Baby Depot (Total:1) [Coupons]
Baby Phat (Total:1) [Coupons]
BabyAge.com (Total:14) [Coupons]
BabyCenter.com (Total:6) [Coupons]
BabyLegs (Total:3) [Coupons]
BabyUniverse (Total:4) [Coupons]
Backcountry.com (Total:268) [Coupons]
BackcountryOutlet.com (Total:29) [Coupons]
Baja Fresh (Total:3) [Coupons]
Bakers Shoes (Total:1) [Coupons]
Banana Republic (Total:149) [Coupons]
Bank of America (Total:18)
BaracksWatch (Total:1)
Bare Escentuals (Total:6) [Coupons]
Bare Necessities (Total:10) [Coupons]
Bargain Catalog Outlet (Total:12) [Coupons]
Bargain Outfitters (Total:210) [Coupons]
Barnes & Noble (Total:790) [Coupons]
Baseball Express (Total:4) [Coupons]
Baskin Robbins (Total:3) [Coupons]
Bass Pro Shops (Total:55) [Coupons]
Bass Pro Shops Th.
Bath and Body Works (Total:77) [Coupons]
batteries.com (Total:4) [Coupons]
BCBG MAX AZRIA (Total:2) [Coupons]
Beach Audio
Beach Camera (Total:189) [Coupons]
Bealls Florida (Total:34) [Coupons]
Beauty.com (Total:3) [Coupons]
bebe (Total:7) [Coupons]
Becker Surf
Bed Bath & Beyond (Total:194) [Coupons]
Bed Bath Store (Total:1) [Coupons]
Belk (Total:195) [Coupons]
Belkin (Total:13) [Coupons]
Ben & Jerry's (Total:6)
Ben Sherman (Total:1) [Coupons]
Benefit Cosmetics (Total:6) [Coupons]
Best Buy (Total:22422) [Coupons]
Best Western (Total:3) [Coupons]
BestDealMagazines (Total:30) [Coupons]
BevMo (Total:2) [Coupons]
bhphotovideo.com (Total:4284)
Big Dogs (Total:1) [Coupons]
Big Fish Games (Total:43)
Big Lots (Total:28) [Coupons]
Big Stock Photo (Total:1) [Coupons]
Biotherm (Total:5) [Coupons]
BJ's (Total:271) [Coupons]
Blair (Total:120) [Coupons]
Blinds.com (Total:5)
BlingDaily (Total:10)
Blockbuster.com (Total:4) [Coupons]
Bloomingdales (Total:366) [Coupons]
Blue Bee (Total:1) [Coupons]
Blue Nile (Total:15) [Coupons]
Bluefly (Total:11) [Coupons]
Bobbi Brown (Total:3) [Coupons]
Boca Java (Total:2)
Bon Ton (Total:531) [Coupons]
BookCloseouts (Total:5) [Coupons]
Bookit (Total:5)
Books A Million (Total:12) [Coupons]
BootBarn (Total:1) [Coupons]
Borders (Total:15) [Coupons]
Borghese (Total:3)
Boscovs (Total:225)
Boston Market (Total:1) [Coupons]
Botach Tactical (Total:32)
Botanic Choice (Total:4) [Coupons]
Bowflex (Total:49) [Coupons]
Brecks (Total:4)
Brooks Brothers (Total:79) [Coupons]
Brookstone (Total:38) [Coupons]
Brushstrokes Fine Art (Total:1) [Coupons]
Brylane Catalog Outlet (Total:10) [Coupons]
Brylane Home (Total:121) [Coupons]
Bubba Gump (Total:1)
Buca di Beppo (Total:1) [Coupons]
Buckle (Total:9)
Budget (Total:2) [Coupons]
Buffalo Wild Wings (Total:4)
Build A Bear (Total:10) [Coupons]
Burberry (Total:18) [Coupons]
Burlington Coat Factory (Total:12) [Coupons]
Burt's Bees (Total:37)
Busted Tees (Total:8) [Coupons]
Butterfly Photo (Total:2) [Coupons]
BuyBeauty (Total:1) [Coupons]
BuyCostumes.com (Total:20) [Coupons]
Buydig.com (Total:4864) [Coupons]
BuyWithMe (Total:11)

Cabelas (Total:679) [Coupons]
Cache (Total:4) [Coupons]
Calendars.com (Total:4) [Coupons]
Calvin Klein (Total:15) [Coupons]
Calvin Klein Jeans (Total:1) [Coupons]
Calvin Klein Underwear (Total:8) [Coupons]
Cambridge SoundWorks (Total:9)
Cameta Camera (Total:19)
Campmor (Total:33)
Canon (Total:450) [Coupons]
Carbonite (Total:2) [Coupons]
Cardstore (Total:3) [Coupons]
Carl's Jr. (Total:3) [Coupons]
Carol Wright Gifts (Total:2) [Coupons]
Carol's Daughter (Total:1) [Coupons]
Cars.com (Total:1) [Coupons]
Carter's (Total:57) [Coupons]
CarToys.com (Total:5)
Casual Male (Total:3) [Coupons]
Catherines (Total:2) [Coupons]
Caudalie (Total:4)
Celebrate Express (Total:1) [Coupons]
Cellhut.com (Total:161)
CellPhoneShop.net (Total:1) [Coupons]
Cellular Factory (Total:66) [Coupons]
Chadwicks (Total:10) [Coupons]
Champion (Total:49) [Coupons]
Champs Sports (Total:18) [Coupons]
Chanel (Total:1) [Coupons]
Charisma (Total:1) [Coupons]
Charlotte Russe (Total:24) [Coupons]
Chase (Total:129)
Chavrie (Total:1) [Coupons]
Cheap Tickets (Total:2) [Coupons]
CheapOair (Total:7) [Coupons]
Checks Unlimited (Total:1) [Coupons]
Cheesecake Factory (Total:1)
CHEFS Catalog (Total:25) [Coupons]
Chegg (Total:2) [Coupons]
Cheryl & Co (Total:6) [Coupons]
Chick-Fil-A (Total:8) [Coupons]
Chico's (Total:3) [Coupons]
ChiefValue (Total:17)
Children's Place (Total:164) [Coupons]
Chili's (Total:7) [Coupons]
Chinese Laundry (Total:1) [Coupons]
Chipotle (Total:8) [Coupons]
Choice Hotels (Total:3) [Coupons]
Choice Shirts (Total:1) [Coupons]
Chrono Shark (Total:350) [Coupons]
Chuck E. Cheese (Total:3) [Coupons]
CiCi's Pizza [Coupons]
Circuit City (Total:4543) [Coupons]
Citi Cards (Total:23)
Citibank (Total:2)
City Sports (Total:11) [Coupons]
Clarins (Total:4) [Coupons]
ClassicCloseouts.com (Total:21) [Coupons]
Clear Protector (Total:1) [Coupons]
Clinique (Total:43) [Coupons]
Closeout Catalog Outlet (Total:8) [Coupons]
Club Monaco (Total:2) [Coupons]
ClubIT (Total:209)
Coach (Total:47) [Coupons]
Coca-Cola Store (Total:3) [Coupons]
Coinstar (Total:4) [Coupons]
Cold Stone (Total:3) [Coupons]
Coldwater Creek (Total:37) [Coupons]
Cole Haan (Total:68) [Coupons]
Collections Etc. (Total:23)
Colonial Candle (Total:1) [Coupons]
Columbia Sportswear (Total:484) [Coupons]
Compact Appliance (Total:5) [Coupons]
CompUSA (Total:2388) [Coupons]
CompUSA Th.
Computers4SURE (Total:6)
CompuVest (Total:1) [Coupons]
ContactsAmerica (Total:1) [Coupons]
Converse (Total:53) [Coupons]
Cooking.com (Total:16) [Coupons]
Corporate Casuals
CostCentral (Total:14) [Coupons]
Costco (Total:4375)
Costume Craze (Total:3) [Coupons]
Costume Discounters (Total:1) [Coupons]
Costume SuperCenter (Total:1) [Coupons]
CostumeHub (Total:2) [Coupons]
Couture Candy (Total:1) [Coupons]
CowBoom (Total:884) [Coupons]
Crabtree & Evelyn (Total:38) [Coupons]
Crate and Barrel (Total:41)
Crayola Store (Total:2) [Coupons]
Crazy 8 (Total:7) [Coupons]
Creative (Total:53)
Crocs.com (Total:308) [Coupons]
Cross.com (Total:17) [Coupons]
Crucial (Total:15)
Crutchfield (Total:108) [Coupons]
Cupshe (Total:1)
Current Catalog (Total:3)
CVS (Total:128) [Coupons]
Cymax (Total:9) [Coupons]

D (Total:4)
DailySteals.com (Total:305)
Dairy Queen (Total:7) [Coupons]
Dale & Thomas Popcorn (Total:6)
Dancing Deer (Total:2) [Coupons]
Date.com (Total:1) [Coupons]
DC Shoes (Total:8) [Coupons]
DealExtreme (Total:41) [Coupons]
DealsClick.com (Total:16)
Deckers Flip Flops (Total:2)
DeepDiscount.com (Total:190) [Coupons]
Del Taco (Total:2) [Coupons]
dELiAs.com (Total:12) [Coupons]
Dell EPP (Total:226) [Coupons]
Dell Financial Services (Total:22) [Coupons]
Dell Home (Total:8260) [Coupons]
Dell Small Business (Total:2918) [Coupons]
Denny's (Total:3) [Coupons]
Department of Goods (Total:15)
Design Within Reach (Total:5)
Designer Linens Outlet (Total:2)
Designer Living (Total:197)
Despair (Total:5)
Diamond Shark (Total:42) [Coupons]
Diamond.com (Total:1) [Coupons]
Diapers.com (Total:26) [Coupons]
Dick's Sporting Goods (Total:1122) [Coupons]
Dickies (Total:22) [Coupons]
Diesel (Total:2) [Coupons]
DigitalEtc.com (Total:6)
Dillard's (Total:43) [Coupons]
Dillyeo (Total:7)
DirecTV (Total:7) [Coupons]
Discount School Supply (Total:2) [Coupons]
Discountmags (Total:1273) [Coupons]
Discover Card (Total:16)
Discovery.com (Total:39) [Coupons]
DISH Network (Total:2) [Coupons]
Disney Store (Total:305) [Coupons]
DKNY [Coupons]
Dockers (Total:58) [Coupons]
Dog.com (Total:3) [Coupons]
Dogfunk [Coupons]
Dollar Rent A Car (Total:2) [Coupons]
Domestications (Total:5) [Coupons]
Domino's Pizza (Total:5) [Coupons]
Dooney & Bourke (Total:6)
Dots (Total:1) [Coupons]
Dr Jays (Total:23) [Coupons]
Dr. Leonards (Total:1) [Coupons]
Dr. Martens (Total:9) [Coupons]
Dressbarn (Total:2) [Coupons]
Drugstore (Total:225) [Coupons]
DSW (Total:128) [Coupons]
Dunkin Donuts (Total:25) [Coupons]
DVDEmpire.com (Total:2)

E-Z Rent-A-Car (Total:2) [Coupons]
EA Store (Total:93) [Coupons]
EagleBit (Total:67)
Eastbay (Total:173) [Coupons]
Eastern Mountain Sports (Total:28) [Coupons]
EB Games (Total:7)
eBags (Total:79) [Coupons]
eBay (Total:37016) [Coupons]
eBillme (Total:5)
eCost.com (Total:130) [Coupons]
Eddie Bauer (Total:427) [Coupons]
Eddie Bauer Outlet (Total:15)
Editors' Closet (Total:1) [Coupons]
Eforcity (Total:46)
eHarlequin (Total:1) [Coupons]
eHarmony (Total:3) [Coupons]
eHealthInsurance (Total:1) [Coupons]
Einstein Brothers Bagels (Total:1) [Coupons]
El Pollo Loco (Total:1) [Coupons]
Electronics Expo (Total:41) [Coupons]
elf Cosmetics (Total:17) [Coupons]
Elizabeth Arden (Total:11) [Coupons]
Ella Moss (Total:3)
eLUXURY (Total:8) [Coupons]
eMusic (Total:2) [Coupons]
Endless (Total:165) [Coupons]
Enterprise Rent-A-Car (Total:3) [Coupons]
Entertainment (Total:54) [Coupons]
Entertainment Consumers Association (Total:1) [Coupons]
Epson (Total:12)
ESPN Shop (Total:5) [Coupons]
ESPRIT (Total:2) [Coupons]
Estee Lauder (Total:43) [Coupons]
ET Wright (Total:1) [Coupons]
etnies (Total:1) [Coupons]
eToys (Total:12)
EverydaySource (Total:137)
Evo (Total:11) [Coupons]
Ewiz.com (Total:148) [Coupons]
Executive Essentials (Total:1) [Coupons]
Expansys (Total:105)
Expedia (Total:179) [Coupons]
Express (Total:75) [Coupons]
Expressionery (Total:1) [Coupons]

Fabric (Total:1) [Coupons]
Factory Card & Party Outlet (Total:1) [Coupons]
Family Video (Total:70)
Famous Dave's (Total:1) [Coupons]
Famous Footwear (Total:73) [Coupons]
Fandango (Total:28) [Coupons]
Fannie May (Total:3) [Coupons]
FAO Schwarz (Total:10) [Coupons]
FashionBug (Total:5) [Coupons]
Fathead (Total:9)
Fazolis (Total:1) [Coupons]
FCUK (Total:3) [Coupons]
Fedex (Total:2) [Coupons]
Figleaves (Total:7) [Coupons]
Fila (Total:3) [Coupons]
Fingerhut (Total:4) [Coupons]
FinishLine (Total:1009) [Coupons]
Firestone Complete Auto Care (Total:1) [Coupons]
Fisher-Price (Total:43)
FitRx (Total:17)
Five Below (Total:5) [Coupons]
Fleming's Steakhouse (Total:5) [Coupons]
Flirty Aprons (Total:12)
FogDog.com (Total:8) [Coupons]
Folica (Total:16) [Coupons]
Food on the Table (Total:1) [Coupons]
FoodSaver (Total:68) [Coupons]
FootLocker (Total:54) [Coupons]
FootSmart.com (Total:4) [Coupons]
Forever 21 (Total:19) [Coupons]
Fox Rent A Car (Total:1) [Coupons]
Fragrancenet (Total:2)
Franklin Covey (Total:1) [Coupons]
Franklin Mint (Total:1) [Coupons]
Fredericks (Total:60) [Coupons]
Free Stuff
Fresh and Easy [Coupons]
Fright Catalog (Total:1) [Coupons]
Frys (Total:3666)
FTD.com (Total:10) [Coupons]
Fujifilm (Total:1) [Coupons]
Fujitsu (Total:1) [Coupons]
fye.com (Total:10) [Coupons]

G by GUESS (Total:4) [Coupons]
Gaiam.com (Total:16) [Coupons]
Gamefly (Total:456) [Coupons]
GameStop (Total:1739) [Coupons]
Gander Mountain (Total:75) [Coupons]
Gap (Total:376) [Coupons]
Gateway (Total:3)
Geeks (Total:902)
Gertrude Hawk Chocolates (Total:1) [Coupons]
Gevalia (Total:29)
Giftcertificates.com (Total:1) [Coupons]
Giorgio Armani Beauty (Total:3) [Coupons]
Giveaway of the Day (Total:220)
Glyde (Total:1) [Coupons]
GNC (Total:315) [Coupons]
GoDaddy.com (Total:1) [Coupons]
Godiva (Total:40) [Coupons]
GoGamer.com (Total:58)
goHastings (Total:91) [Coupons]
GoJane (Total:1) [Coupons]
GoldenGadgets.com (Total:37) [Coupons]
Golfsmith (Total:13) [Coupons]
Goody's (Total:3) [Coupons]
Goodyear Auto Service Center (Total:2) [Coupons]
Graveyardmall (Total:337) [Coupons]
Green Man Gaming (Total:639)
Griffin Technology (Total:3) [Coupons]
Groupon (Total:3525)
Gucci (Total:7) [Coupons]
Guess Factory (Total:4) [Coupons]
Guess.com (Total:5) [Coupons]
Guitar Center (Total:120) [Coupons]
Guitar Hero Store (Total:7) [Coupons]
Gutter Helmet (Total:1) [Coupons]
Gymboree (Total:19) [Coupons]

H&M (Total:48) [Coupons]
H2O Plus (Total:4) [Coupons]
Haagen-Dazs (Total:1) [Coupons]
HABA (Total:1) [Coupons]
Haband (Total:15)
Haggar (Total:16)
Half Price Books (Total:1) [Coupons]
Half.com (Total:1) [Coupons]
Hallmark (Total:15) [Coupons]
Hammacher Schlemmer (Total:23)
Hammocks.com (Total:2)
HandHeldItems (Total:218) [Coupons]
Hanes (Total:163) [Coupons]
Harbor Freight (Total:154) [Coupons]
Hardee's (Total:1) [Coupons]
Harry and David (Total:31) [Coupons]
Hasbro Toy Shop (Total:9) [Coupons]
Hayneedle (Total:56)
HBO Store (Total:3) [Coupons]
Heart Rate Monitors USA (Total:5)
Hertz (Total:7) [Coupons]
hhgregg (Total:52) [Coupons]
Hobby Lobby (Total:3) [Coupons]
Hockey Giant (Total:2) [Coupons]
HockeyOverstock (Total:1) [Coupons]
Hollister (Total:42) [Coupons]
Hollywood Video (Total:5)
Holsted Jeweler (Total:1) [Coupons]
Home and Beyond (Total:4)
Home Bistro (Total:1) [Coupons]
Home Decorators Collection (Total:21) [Coupons]
Home Decorators Collection Outlet (Total:64) [Coupons]
Home Depot (Total:11703) [Coupons]
HomeAway (Total:1) [Coupons]
HomeClick (Total:15)
Hometown Buffet (Total:1) [Coupons]
HoneyBaked Ham (Total:2) [Coupons]
Hooked on Phonics (Total:6) [Coupons]
Horchow (Total:17) [Coupons]
HostGator (Total:1) [Coupons]
Hot Topic (Total:23) [Coupons]
HotelClub (Total:1) [Coupons]
Hotels.com (Total:1) [Coupons]
HP Home (Total:2255) [Coupons]
HP Small Business (Total:317) [Coupons]
HSBC (Total:1)
HSN.com (Total:298) [Coupons]

Ice.com (Total:13) [Coupons]
iCraveit (Total:3)
iHerb (Total:12)
Ikea (Total:85) [Coupons]
Illuminations (Total:1) [Coupons]
Improvements Catalog (Total:37) [Coupons]
In The Hole Golf (Total:1) [Coupons]
iNetVideo (Total:25)
ING DIRECT (Total:2)
InkGrabber (Total:1) [Coupons]
Invicta Shark
InvisibleSHIELD [Coupons]
iolo Technologies (Total:1) [Coupons]
iRobot (Total:13) [Coupons]
Irvs Luggage (Total:1) [Coupons]
iTRAIN (Total:1) [Coupons]
itrimming (Total:3)

J Crew (Total:147) [Coupons]
J&R (Total:1185) [Coupons]
J. Jill (Total:5) [Coupons]
Jack in the Box (Total:1) [Coupons]
Jackson Hewitt (Total:1) [Coupons]
Jamba Juice (Total:3) [Coupons]
JardenStore (Total:12) [Coupons]
JCPenney (Total:1072) [Coupons]
JCWhitney.com (Total:4) [Coupons]
Jelly Belly (Total:3)
Jennie-O (Total:1) [Coupons]
Jessica London (Total:3) [Coupons]
JetBlue (Total:141) [Coupons]
Jiffy Lube (Total:1) [Coupons]
Jimmy Choo (Total:6)
Jivox (Total:1) [Coupons]
Jo-Ann (Total:31) [Coupons]
Jockey.com (Total:27) [Coupons]
Joe's New Balance Outlet (Total:2285) [Coupons]
Jomashop (Total:604)
Jones New York (Total:6) [Coupons]
Jos. A. Bank (Total:654) [Coupons]
Juicy Couture (Total:13) [Coupons]
Just My Size (Total:3)
Justice (Total:2) [Coupons]
JustLenses (Total:1) [Coupons]

Karmaloop (Total:4) [Coupons]
Kashi (Total:7) [Coupons]
Kate Spade (Total:329) [Coupons]
KBToys (Total:19)
Keds (Total:11) [Coupons]
Kenneth Cole (Total:50) [Coupons]
Kensington (Total:1) [Coupons]
KFC (Total:10) [Coupons]
kgb deals (Total:5)
Kiehls.com (Total:30) [Coupons]
King Size Direct (Total:7) [Coupons]
Kirklands (Total:1) [Coupons]
KitchenAid (Total:38) [Coupons]
KMart (Total:1593) [Coupons]
Kmart Fri.Sat.
Kmart Thanksgiving (Total:3) [Coupons]
Kodak (Total:7) [Coupons]
Kodak Gallery (Total:5) [Coupons]
Kohls (Total:4845) [Coupons]
Kotula's (Total:35)
Krispy Kreme (Total:28) [Coupons]

L'Occitane (Total:17) [Coupons]
L.L.Bean (Total:403) [Coupons]
La Redoute (Total:1) [Coupons]
Lab Series (Total:2) [Coupons]
Lacoste (Total:13) [Coupons]
LampsPlus (Total:43) [Coupons]
Lancome (Total:23) [Coupons]
Land of Nod (Total:3) [Coupons]
Lands' End (Total:408) [Coupons]
Lane Bryant (Total:15) [Coupons]
Lane Bryant Catalog (Total:5) [Coupons]
Laura Mercier (Total:1) [Coupons]
Le TIGRE (Total:1)
LeapFrog (Total:30) [Coupons]
Learning Curve Shop (Total:5) [Coupons]
Learning Resources (Total:1) [Coupons]
Lee Jeans (Total:9) [Coupons]
Lego Store (Total:299)
LEGOLAND (Total:12) [Coupons]
Lenovo (Total:1434) [Coupons]
Lenovo Canada (Total:1) [Coupons]
Lenox (Total:18) [Coupons]
Lens.com (Total:1) [Coupons]
LensCrafters (Total:1) [Coupons]
LetsTalk.com (Total:5) [Coupons]
Levis (Total:85) [Coupons]
Lew Magram (Total:1) [Coupons]
Lids.com (Total:56) [Coupons]
Lillian Vernon (Total:6) [Coupons]
Limited Too (Total:1) [Coupons]
Limoges Jewelry (Total:10) [Coupons]
Linens n Things (Total:758) [Coupons]
Little Tikes (Total:14) [Coupons]
LivingSocial (Total:174)
Liz Claiborne (Total:3) [Coupons]
Lock & Lock (Total:4) [Coupons]
Loehmanns (Total:6) [Coupons]
Logan's Roadhouse (Total:1) [Coupons]
Logitech (Total:396) [Coupons]
LongHorn Steakhouse (Total:1) [Coupons]
Lord and Taylor (Total:171) [Coupons]
Lorex (Total:1)
Lowes (Total:3069) [Coupons]
Lucky Brand Jeans (Total:44) [Coupons]
Lucy (Total:1) [Coupons]
Lufthansa Airlines (Total:4) [Coupons]
LuggageGuy (Total:8)

MAC Cosmetics (Total:7) [Coupons]
MacConnection (Total:12)
MacKeeper (Total:1) [Coupons]
MacMall (Total:133) [Coupons]
Macys (Total:7465) [Coupons]
Macys Thanksgiving
Maidenform (Total:45)
Makari (Total:1) [Coupons]
Mamapedia (Total:5)
Mandalay Bay (Total:1) [Coupons]
Maneater Threads
Martin + Osa (Total:2) [Coupons]
Match.com (Total:1) [Coupons]
Mattel (Total:26) [Coupons]
McAfee (Total:2) [Coupons]
McCormick Schmick's (Total:2) [Coupons]
McDonald's (Total:24) [Coupons]
MChrono (Total:237)
Medifast (Total:1) [Coupons]
Meijer (Total:158) [Coupons]
Meijer Thanksgiving
Menards (Total:63)
Mens Wearhouse (Total:412)
MeritLine.com (Total:3096) [Coupons]
Mervyn's (Total:1) [Coupons]
Metrostyle (Total:6) [Coupons]
MGM Grand
Michaels (Total:116) [Coupons]
MicroCenter (Total:912)
Microsoft (Total:2706) [Coupons]
MidnightBox (Total:123)
Mikasa (Total:13)
Miles Kimball (Total:10)
Military BX
Mimis Cafe (Total:1) [Coupons]
MLB.com (Total:24) [Coupons]
Modells (Total:18) [Coupons]
MonoPrice (Total:941)
Monster (Total:4) [Coupons]
Moosejaw (Total:88) [Coupons]
Morgan Hill Creamery (Total:1) [Coupons]
Motel 6 (Total:1) [Coupons]
Motorcycle Superstore (Total:21)
Mrs. Beasleys [Coupons]
Murad (Total:6)
Music123 (Total:4) [Coupons]
Musicians Friend (Total:239) [Coupons]
Mwave.com (Total:929) [Coupons]
My Coke Rewards (Total:31) [Coupons]
My College Footwear (Total:2) [Coupons]
My M&M's (Total:2)
My Wines Direct (Total:3) [Coupons]
MyCorporation (Total:2)
myFICO (Total:4) [Coupons]

Namecheap (Total:15)
Nashbar (Total:54) [Coupons]
National (Total:1) [Coupons]
National Geographic (Total:24)
Naturalizer (Total:8) [Coupons]
Nature's Inventory (Total:1) [Coupons]
Nautica (Total:42) [Coupons]
NBC Universal Store (Total:6) [Coupons]
Neiman Marcus (Total:323) [Coupons]
Nero (Total:5) [Coupons]
Net10 (Total:7) [Coupons]
Netaya (Total:26) [Coupons]
Netflix (Total:2) [Coupons]
Netshops.com (Total:1) [Coupons]
Network Solutions (Total:2) [Coupons]
Neutrogena (Total:1)
New Balance (Total:15) [Coupons]
New York & Co. (Total:23) [Coupons]
Newegg.com (Total:40405) [Coupons]
NeweggMall (Total:59)
Newport News (Total:4) [Coupons]
NFL Shop (Total:16) [Coupons]
Nike.com (Total:892) [Coupons]
Nine West (Total:19) [Coupons]
No Fear (Total:8)
Nokia (Total:4)
Nordstrom (Total:1446)
Norm Thompson (Total:2)
Northern Tool (Total:372) [Coupons]
NOVICA (Total:1) [Coupons]
Numi Tea (Total:1) [Coupons]
NutraPlanet (Total:8) [Coupons]

Oakley Vault (Total:351)
Office Depot (Total:2520) [Coupons]
OfficeDesigns.com (Total:1) [Coupons]
OfficeMax (Total:1715) [Coupons]
Olay (Total:24) [Coupons]
Old Navy (Total:87) [Coupons]
Olive Garden (Total:8) [Coupons]
Omaha Steaks (Total:28) [Coupons]
One Hanes Place (Total:16) [Coupons]
One Stop Plus (Total:54) [Coupons]
OneCall (Total:423) [Coupons]
Oneida (Total:100) [Coupons]
OneStepAhead.com (Total:3) [Coupons]
Onlineshoes.com (Total:4) [Coupons]
OnSale.com (Total:210) [Coupons]
Orange Julius (Total:1) [Coupons]
Orange Onions (Total:27) [Coupons]
Orbitz (Total:26) [Coupons]
Organize.com (Total:1) [Coupons]
Oriental Trading (Total:13) [Coupons]
Original Penguin (Total:34) [Coupons]
Origins (Total:42) [Coupons]
Orvis (Total:13)
Outdoor Pros (Total:1) [Coupons]
Overstock (Total:1600) [Coupons]

P.C. Richard & Son (Total:145) [Coupons]
P.F. Chang's (Total:4) [Coupons]
Pacific Coast (Total:2) [Coupons]
Pacific Pillows (Total:4) [Coupons]
PacSun (Total:44) [Coupons]
Palm Store (Total:6) [Coupons]
Panda Express (Total:2) [Coupons]
Panda Security (Total:2) [Coupons]
Papa John's (Total:5) [Coupons]
ParagonSports.com (Total:26)
Parallels (Total:3)
Parts Train (Total:1) [Coupons]
Party City (Total:6) [Coupons]
Patagonia (Total:59)
Paul Fredrick (Total:3) [Coupons]
PayDay One (Total:1) [Coupons]
Payless (Total:26) [Coupons]
PC Club (Total:2)
PC Connection (Total:208) [Coupons]
PC Mall (Total:6)
PC Tools (Total:2) [Coupons]
PC Universe (Total:1)
PCMicroStore (Total:36) [Coupons]
pcRUSH.com (Total:22) [Coupons]
Peet's Coffee & Tea (Total:6) [Coupons]
Pepboys (Total:32) [Coupons]
Performance Bike (Total:11) [Coupons]
Perfumania (Total:12)
Perricone MD (Total:62) [Coupons]
Perry Ellis (Total:65) [Coupons]
Pet Food Direct (Total:3) [Coupons]
PetCareRx (Total:2) [Coupons]
PETCO (Total:106) [Coupons]
Petsmart (Total:89) [Coupons]
Pfaltzgraff (Total:20) [Coupons]
Phat Farm (Total:1) [Coupons]
Philips (Total:102) [Coupons]
Philosophy (Total:11) [Coupons]
PhotoWorks (Total:2) [Coupons]
Picaboo (Total:1) [Coupons]
Pick Up Stix (Total:1) [Coupons]
Picture People (Total:1) [Coupons]
Pingo (Total:1)
Pink Mascara (Total:1) [Coupons]
Pinkberry (Total:1) [Coupons]
Pinnacle (Total:1) [Coupons]
Piperlime (Total:10) [Coupons]
Pizza Hut (Total:11) [Coupons]
Planet Shoes (Total:1) [Coupons]
Playboy Store (Total:2) [Coupons]
Plow & Hearth (Total:3)
Plum District (Total:12)
PopCap (Total:5)
Popeyes (Total:8) [Coupons]
Posit Science (Total:1) [Coupons]
Pottery Barn (Total:113)
Prescriptives (Total:1) [Coupons]
Priceline (Total:72) [Coupons]
ProFlowers (Total:18) [Coupons]
ProForm (Total:1)
Pronet Hosting (Total:1) [Coupons]
Publix (Total:5) [Coupons]
Puma.com (Total:290) [Coupons]
Puritan's Pride (Total:28) [Coupons]

Qdoba (Total:5) [Coupons]
Quickbooks (Total:4) [Coupons]
Quicken (Total:4) [Coupons]
Quiksilver (Total:25) [Coupons]
Quill (Total:106) [Coupons]
Quizno's (Total:1) [Coupons]
QVC (Total:249)

Radio Shack (Total:298) [Coupons]
Rakuten (Total:31937) [Coupons]
Ralph Lauren (Total:389) [Coupons]
Rampage (Total:1)
RazorGator (Total:1) [Coupons]
Red Lobster (Total:7) [Coupons]
Red Robin (Total:4) [Coupons]
Redbox (Total:36) [Coupons]
RedEnvelope (Total:10) [Coupons]
RedOctane (Total:15) [Coupons]
Reebok (Total:483) [Coupons]
Regal Movie Theaters (Total:13)
REI (Total:2800) [Coupons]
Restaurant.com (Total:7) [Coupons]
Restoration Hardware (Total:2) [Coupons]
Revolve Clothing (Total:4) [Coupons]
Rhapsody (Total:6)
RightStuf (Total:2) [Coupons]
Rite Aid (Total:26) [Coupons]
RitzCamera (Total:77)
RoadRunnerSports (Total:21) [Coupons]
Roamans (Total:14) [Coupons]
Robeez (Total:5)
Rockler (Total:39)
Rockport (Total:94) [Coupons]
Roku (Total:28)
Romano's Macaroni Grill (Total:1) [Coupons]
Ross-Simons (Total:1) [Coupons]
Ruby Tuesday (Total:2) [Coupons]
Rugman.com (Total:1) [Coupons]
Ruth's Chris Steak House (Total:1) [Coupons]

S&K Menswear (Total:1) [Coupons]
Saks Fifth Avenue (Total:217) [Coupons]
Sally Beauty Supply (Total:3) [Coupons]
Sams Club (Total:2463) [Coupons]
Samsonite (Total:108) [Coupons]
Saveology (Total:76)
Scented Monkey
Scholastic Store (Total:20) [Coupons]
School Specialty Publishing (Total:2) [Coupons]
Sea World (Total:6)
Seagate (Total:21)
Seamless (Total:1) [Coupons]
Sears (Total:7521) [Coupons]
Sears Fri.Sat.
Sears Outlet (Total:38)
Sears Thanksgiving
Second Act (Total:33) [Coupons]
SeeHere (Total:1) [Coupons]
Sephora (Total:141) [Coupons]
Sharper Image (Total:15) [Coupons]
Sherwin Williams (Total:4) [Coupons]
ShindigZ (Total:8) [Coupons]
Shnoop.com (Total:238)
Shoe Dazzle (Total:1) [Coupons]
Shoebacca (Total:38)
Shoebuy (Total:115) [Coupons]
Shoeline.com (Total:2)
ShoeMall (Total:41) [Coupons]
Shoes.com (Total:80) [Coupons]
ShoeSteal (Total:4) [Coupons]
ShoeTrader (Total:2) [Coupons]
Shop Onkyo (Total:15)
Shop Sansa
Shop Taste of Home (Total:13) [Coupons]
Shop World Kitchen (Total:17)
Shop4Tech (Total:331) [Coupons]
ShopBop (Total:14) [Coupons]
ShopEcko (Total:27) [Coupons]
ShopKo (Total:15)
ShopLinksys (Total:2) [Coupons]
ShopNBC (Total:7) [Coupons]
ShopPBS (Total:4) [Coupons]
Shu Uemura (Total:3) [Coupons]
ShutterFly (Total:60) [Coupons]
SierraSnowboard (Total:25)
SierraTradingPost.com (Total:434) [Coupons]
Silhouettes (Total:1) [Coupons]
Silkies (Total:2) [Coupons]
Simple Shoes (Total:12) [Coupons]
SIRIUS Satellite Radio (Total:4) [Coupons]
Sittercity (Total:1) [Coupons]
Six Flags (Total:7) [Coupons]
Skechers (Total:25) [Coupons]
Skin Care Rx (Total:8) [Coupons]
Skinit (Total:1) [Coupons]
SkinStore.com (Total:56) [Coupons]
Skull Candy (Total:3) [Coupons]
Skype (Total:16) [Coupons]
SmartBargains (Total:149) [Coupons]
Smarthome (Total:13)
Smashbox (Total:3) [Coupons]
SmileMakers (Total:1) [Coupons]
Smith & Hawken (Total:1)
Smokey Bones (Total:1) [Coupons]
Snapfish.com (Total:19) [Coupons]
Soap.com (Total:42) [Coupons]
Soccer.com (Total:1)
SoccerPost.com (Total:1)
Soffe (Total:15)
Soft Surroundings (Total:2) [Coupons]
Sonic Drive-In (Total:2) [Coupons]
Sony ImageStation (Total:1)
Sony Style (Total:452) [Coupons]
SOREL (Total:32) [Coupons]
Souplantation (Total:1) [Coupons]
Southwest (Total:183) [Coupons]
SpaLook (Total:4) [Coupons]
Spanx (Total:3) [Coupons]
Speck Products (Total:7) [Coupons]
SpeedoUSA (Total:7) [Coupons]
Spencer's (Total:3) [Coupons]
Spiegel.com (Total:1)
Spirit Airlines (Total:9) [Coupons]
Spirit Halloween (Total:6) [Coupons]
SplendidLife (Total:5) [Coupons]
Sport Chalet (Total:38)
SportsAuthority.com (Total:202) [Coupons]
Sportsman's Guide (Total:65)
Spring Hill Nursery (Total:7) [Coupons]
SquareTrade (Total:1) [Coupons]
Staples (Total:5596) [Coupons]
Starbucks (Total:98) [Coupons]
Stardock (Total:3) [Coupons]
StartSampling (Total:44)
StarWarsShop.com (Total:1)
Starwood Hotels (Total:1) [Coupons]
Steak 'n Shake (Total:1) [Coupons]
Steam (Total:701)
Step2 (Total:10)
Steve Madden (Total:18) [Coupons]
Stila Cosmetics (Total:11) [Coupons]
StrawberryNet (Total:2)
Stride Rite (Total:47) [Coupons]
Subway (Total:14) [Coupons]
Sunglass Hut (Total:84) [Coupons]
Sunny Sports (Total:29)
Super Media Store (Total:818) [Coupons]
Super Warehouse (Total:3) [Coupons]
Supercuts (Total:1) [Coupons]
Support.com (Total:1) [Coupons]
Sur La Table (Total:72) [Coupons]
Surplus Computers (Total:8)
Swarovski (Total:20) [Coupons]
Symantec (Total:1)
Szul.com (Total:27) [Coupons]

T-Mobile (Total:392)
T.G.I. Friday's (Total:5) [Coupons]
Taco Bell (Total:27) [Coupons]
Talbots (Total:21) [Coupons]
Tanga (Total:1203) [Coupons]
Tanger Outlets (Total:3) [Coupons]
Target (Total:8303) [Coupons]
TCBY (Total:2) [Coupons]
Tech For Less (Total:8) [Coupons]
Teds Montana Grill (Total:2) [Coupons]
Teleflora (Total:1) [Coupons]
Tempt Me (Total:3) [Coupons]
TenBills (Total:1) [Coupons]
Terry's Village (Total:1)
Teva (Total:24) [Coupons]
The Body Shop (Total:74) [Coupons]
The Company Store (Total:19) [Coupons]
The Container Store (Total:12) [Coupons]
The History Channel (Total:4)
The Home Market Place
The House (Total:16)
The Limited (Total:24) [Coupons]
The Natural Store (Total:1) [Coupons]
The New England Trading Company
The North Face (Total:84) [Coupons]
The Palm (Total:1) [Coupons]
The Paragon (Total:3) [Coupons]
The Popcorn Factory (Total:7)
The Sak (Total:1) [Coupons]
The Speaker Company (Total:6) [Coupons]
The Watchery (Total:38) [Coupons]
TheNerds.net (Total:6)
TheTechGeek (Total:230)
Things Remembered (Total:4) [Coupons]
Things You Never Knew Existed (Total:9)
ThinkGeek (Total:195) [Coupons]
Threadless (Total:10)
Thrifty (Total:2) [Coupons]
TicketMaster (Total:4) [Coupons]
Tiger GPS
TigerDirect (Total:4107) [Coupons]
Tillys (Total:64) [Coupons]
Timberland.com (Total:85) [Coupons]
Tippr (Total:4)
Tire Rack (Total:14) [Coupons]
Tobi (Total:1) [Coupons]
Tommy Hilfiger (Total:20) [Coupons]
TOMS Shoes (Total:16) [Coupons]
TomTom (Total:2)
Torrid (Total:1) [Coupons]
Tory Burch (Total:58) [Coupons]
Toshiba (Total:22) [Coupons]
Totes Isotoner (Total:1) [Coupons]
TowerRecords (Total:1)
Toys R Us (Total:1171) [Coupons]
Tracfone (Total:39) [Coupons]
TradePub.com (Total:317)
Travelocity.com (Total:52) [Coupons]
Travelzoo (Total:70) [Coupons]
Tropicana (Total:1) [Coupons]
True Value (Total:42) [Coupons]
TrustedID (Total:2) [Coupons]
Tulle (Total:6)
Tumi (Total:9) [Coupons]
TurboTax (Total:13) [Coupons]
TYR (Total:1) [Coupons]

ubid (Total:1)
UGG Australia (Total:12) [Coupons]
ULTA.com (Total:166) [Coupons]
Ultra Diamonds (Total:1) [Coupons]
Under Armour (Total:452) [Coupons]
Uniform City (Total:1) [Coupons]
Unique Photo (Total:5)
United Airlines (Total:11)
Urban Decay (Total:39) [Coupons]
Urban Outfitters (Total:78) [Coupons]
US Appliance (Total:57) [Coupons]

ValueMags.com (Total:57)
Vanns.com (Total:473) [Coupons]
Vans (Total:31) [Coupons]
Venetian Las Vegas (Total:2) [Coupons]
Venus (Total:49)
Vera Bradley (Total:94) [Coupons]
Verizon Wireless (Total:335)
Victoria's Secret (Total:126) [Coupons]
Virgin America (Total:49) [Coupons]
Vistaprint (Total:15) [Coupons]
Vitacost (Total:28) [Coupons]
Vitamin World (Total:18) [Coupons]
Vivre (Total:1)
Vizio (Total:8)
Von Maur (Total:12)
Vons (Total:2) [Coupons]

W Hotels Store (Total:1) [Coupons]
Waffle House (Total:1) [Coupons]
Walgreens (Total:1892) [Coupons]
Wall Street Survivor (Total:1)
Walmart (Total:38229) [Coupons]
Warner Brothers (Total:1)
Wayfair (Total:398)
WBShop (Total:65)
Wendy's (Total:22) [Coupons]
West Elm (Total:15)
West Marine (Total:31) [Coupons]
Western Digital (Total:168) [Coupons]
Wet Seal (Total:23) [Coupons]
White Castle (Total:1) [Coupons]
White House Black Market (Total:3) [Coupons]
Whole Foods Market (Total:11) [Coupons]
Wienerschnitzel (Total:2) [Coupons]
WildTies.com (Total:5) [Coupons]
Williams-Sonoma (Total:136)
Wilsons Leather (Total:78) [Coupons]
Wind & Weather (Total:1)
Wine Enthusiast (Total:1) [Coupons]
Wine.com (Total:2) [Coupons]
Winkflash (Total:1) [Coupons]
Wirefly (Total:8) [Coupons]
Woman Within (Total:15) [Coupons]
Woodwind & Brasswind (Total:1) [Coupons]
Woot (Total:9513) [Coupons]
World Market (Total:29) [Coupons]
World of Watches (Total:84)
World Wide Stereo (Total:46)
Worldwide Sport Supply (Total:1) [Coupons]
Wrapables (Total:7) [Coupons]

X-Treme Geek (Total:2)
xPCgear (Total:29)

Yahoo HotJobs (Total:1) [Coupons]
Yankee Candle (Total:54) [Coupons]
YesAsia (Total:2)
YesBuy.net (Total:3)
YOOX (Total:15) [Coupons]
YoYo.com (Total:7) [Coupons]
Yugster (Total:178) [Coupons]
Yves Rocher (Total:5) [Coupons]

ZAGG (Total:14) [Coupons]
Zales (Total:63) [Coupons]
Zappos (Total:92)
ZipZoomFly (Total:998) [Coupons]